Your KHATA Management on an App Now

July 30, 2020
Lokaly Khata Management System

Lokaly takes this to the next level by offering a Khata management system. With Khata management, you can offer your loyal customers with a credit offering and build an even loyal customer base. With Lokaly, you can register your store and add your loyal customers as per the plans that are available.

Further, with the Lokaly Mobile app, you can smooth out your business operations and surge your business towards a structured and simpler approach to build long term customer relationships.

With Lokaly you can:

Record Transactions

Business transactions and sales are all digitally stored in one place and hence has a great impact on the efficiency and in the long term improves sales.

Credit/ Debit History

No more scribbling in notebooks and filing paper bills to maintain customer khata. You get all the credit history for each customer at one place.

Set Payment Reminders

Easy to operate notifications to your Customers on “ready-for pick-up” and “due for payment” kind of actions

Set Credit Limit

Managing the limits for each Customer will ensure that you don’t oversell to any Customer in a period

Multi Lingual

You can set your App in your local language that makes life easy for you and your staff members and local customers!


The app offers numbers for the day, week, month or year – that provide you with as overall view of how your business is growing.

Delight your loyal customers and ensure long term relationships. Khata management is now made easier with a mobile application!