About to Start an E-commerce Business? Know How Lokaly can benefit

December 1, 2020

Times are still uncertain and physical distancing is still a norm. Ever since the lockdown in early 2020, the local businesses and brick and mortar stores took the hit. Customers weren’t able to physically visit stores and buy things, and stores could not sell anything. Every local store and every local business looked for an online or mobile means of reaching out to customers. Till today, customers are hesitant to go out to buy things. Placing their orders online feels safer, more convenient, and more appealing to customers.

Well, if you are a local store and wish to increase sales – even in difficult times, here are a few ways in which Lokaly can help:

Ecommerce Business

There are a few ways in which E-commerce can be implemented. Firstly, you can build an online platform for your store – from scratch. Or – use a ready E-commerce platform. These platforms allow you to simply subscribe, create your store, upload your products, and begin selling! Apart from this, you could either enable customers to order online and pick up at the store or order online and get the goods delivered.

How can Lokaly Help?

If you are a local store and wish to grow your business online, or move your business to an online model, it’s time that you select a platform that will enable you to do so. Lokaly is one such platform where users can simply sign up, create an account for their stores and upload their products, and even manage payments and credits for customers.

Web and Mobile – both offer businesses with opportunities to expand and increase their customer base. Local businesses with a limited budget find it overwhelming to create mobile apps and E-commerce websites from scratch. Platforms like Lokaly offer futuristic opportunities and solutions to these businesses!